India is the Next Big Frontier for 5G Telecom Services

With a population just shy of 1.6 billion people, it’s no surprise that telecom companies are licking their chops. It is widely anticipated that India will eventually be a top 3 network for 5G services in the future, and account for more than 15% of the global market. This comes as preparations for the rollout of 5G across the sub continent ramps up with nearly 50% of the country expected to have 5G access over the next two years.

This is massive news for telecom companies that are already operating inside of India, and of course, those who wish to enter the market. Like with many industries in India, the highly regulated telecom sector is filled with domestic companies. You won’t find any mention of the likes of Verizon (NYSE:VZ) or AT&T (NYSE:T) here. One stock that could benefit is the REIT American Tower (NYSE:AMT), which has been increasing its investments in India this year.

Perhaps one under the radar company is iQSTEL (OTC:IQST). This company is well diversified but its telecom services division is leading the way in terms of revenues for the firm. iQSTEL already operates several telecom subsidiaries in international markets, and already operates in regions like Latin America, Africa, and Europe. A jump into India wouldn’t be out of the question in the future.

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