The Humorous Electric Slide of Lordstown: In Green We Trust, Sometimes

Written by Oke Kay Snyder

Oh, the glorious spectacle of irony, it’s like a Shakespearean play set on Wall Street. Enter Lordstown Motors, strutting with the swagger of an EV Romeo, ready to romance the industry into a sustainable future. But like all star-crossed lovers, they overlooked the menacingly growling Capulet in the corner – the unforgiving arena of the auto industry.

Lordstown Motors arrived in 2018, more optimistic than a meerkat on a sunny day, setting up shop in a former General Motors plant. The mission? To rekindle the auto industry’s faded flame in Lordstown, Ohio. Back then, it was as though a knight in a shiny Tesla Model S had arrived, vowing to create jobs and bring the all-electric pickup truck, ‘Endurance,’ to life.

Fast forward five years and Lordstown’s bright-eyed optimism has hit the fan harder than an unexpected avocado shortage in a vegan café. Our EV Romeo has transformed into Hamlet, pensively questioning: “To be, or not to be?” In our version, however, Hamlet doesn’t ponder long and declares Chapter 11 bankruptcy instead.

Foxconn, the partner, and notable Apple supplier, apparently ghosted Lordstown faster than a teenager avoiding chores. In this corporate rendition of “Romeo and Juliet,” Foxconn played the role of Rosaline – the first love who vanishes into the night, leaving Romeo heartbroken.

Now, the plot thickens as Lordstown fires back with litigation claims against Foxconn, alleging deceit and unfulfilled promises. It’s a corporate tragicomedy, with Lordstown playing the jilted lover, accusing Foxconn of being a heartbreaker.

The plight of Lordstown’s shareholders resembles that of a skydiver realizing mid-jump that they’ve packed lunch instead of a parachute. Foxconn defends itself by arguing Lordstown’s failure to execute the investment agreement as agreed. The Shakespearean tragedy continues, as miscommunication and disappointment hover over this EV version of Verona.

Ironically, despite spiraling into a financial black hole, Lordstown still clings to a glimmer of hope. They declare that a potential buyer could enhance the ‘Endurance’ platform and take the product up a notch. It’s like a sinking ship saying, “With the right captain, we could make a great submarine.”

To sum it up, Lordstown’s journey from a promising start to a nosedive of epic proportions is a reminder that even in the green sector, the color of money rules. It’s a tale more twisted than a pretzel, seasoned with a dash of hope, a sprinkle of irony, and a generous helping of economic reality. The Lordstown saga – an electrifying performance in the grand opera of industry debacles. Encore, anyone?


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