The plastic to fuel market size to reach $8804.20 million by 2028. The pyrolysis segment led the global market with 65.7% market share in 2028 and crude oil segment led the market globally with market share of 62.55% in the year 2020. Waste to Energy Stocks have been focused by PubCoInsights since a long time.

Major Nasdaq stocks are Agilyx AS Ord (NASDAQ:AGXXF), Plastic2Oil Inc (NASDAQ:PTOI) & OMV AG (NASDAQ:OMVJF)

Clean Vision Corp (OTC:CLNV) recently acquired a Pyrolysis Plant for Deployment in India. Our purchase of this pyrolysis plant is an historic and pivotal event for Clean Vision and our Clean-Seas subsidiary,” said Dan Bates, Clean Vision Chief Executive Officer. “This pilot project is designed to showcase our technology directly for the Indian government which is making a huge push to create a greener, cleaner economy. IICT is an extraordinary partner with the resources and reach to massively scale up our joint initiative in the world’s second-most populous nation. Moreover, Venkat Kumar Tangirala, Managing Director, Clean-Seas India (C-SI) stated, Converting waste-plastic into valuable commodities, with positive financial returns, is vital for the reduction of waste plastic globally. Clean-Seas is confident we have the technology, know how, and team to revolutionize the conversion of mixed waste-plastic into hydrogen and to store it cost effectively.


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