Why the OTCQX Stock Market May Hold Undiscovered Stocks Worth Investment  

Investing in small, emerging growth companies can be a great way to get in on the ground floor of a potentially successful business. However, these companies are often not well known or understood, and their stocks can be more volatile than those of larger, more established companies. The OTC Markets are a great place to find these types of companies. The OTC Markets are where stocks of companies that are not listed on a major exchange are traded. These companies are often too small or too new to be listed on a major exchange, but they may still be worthy investments.

Right now is an excellent time to discover emerging growth companies on the OTC Markets. The OTC Markets is a place where many stocks develop with future plans to be on NASDAQ or New York Stock exchange one day. Many of these companies exceed revenue in the tens of millions and have exciting developing technology. However, for whatever reason they are not yet a household name.

One place to find some of these potential gem stocks is the OTCQX. This is the highest tier of all the OTC Markets with each company being fully reporting to the SEC and having undergone intense scrutiny. Upon further investigation, companies can be found with exciting or dynamic technologies.

For example, iQSTEL is one such company. iQSTEL (OTCQX: IQST) recently announced they will be doing over 100 million in revenue with profitability! The company is involved in many things including electronic vehicles, fintech and dynamic telecom. This is a company to watch as many people feel the company is highly undervalued at its current trading prices.

Another example of a great OTC stock is a company called Vuzix (OTCQX: VUZI). Vuzix provides innovative augmented reality technology, smart glasses and video eyewear products. This company has seen immense growth and is now a leader in the AR space. Their products are being used by many blue chip companies and for many applications including medical, industrial, military and more.

Another great former OTCQX stock to watch that recently hit NASDAQ is a company called XpresSpa Group (NASDAQ: XSPA). This company provides health and wellness services in airports around the world. They offer massages, facial treatments, manicures/pedicures and more. The demand for these types of services has grown significantly over the past few years as travelers are looking for ways to relax while on their journey. With an expansive network of locations across many countries, this could be a potential growth opportunity worth exploring further.

Finally, another interesting OTC Markets stock that investors should consider is Neovasc Inc (OTCQX: NVCN). Neovasc develops innovative medical devices used in cardiovascular procedures such as transcatheter mitral valve replacement therapy which helps treat heart failure patients with severe symptoms who have exhausted other treatment options. Their products have been approved by regulatory bodies worldwide including FDA approval here in the US making them one of only two companies globally offering this type of technology commercially available today.

One thing all of these companies have in common is tremendous potential and yet have not made themselves a household name. By the time they become a recognizable name, the money will have been made for those who wait too long. Of course, the more the stock is off the radar of the general public, the more likely there are risks involved. So do your due diligence carefully. Having said that, if you’re looking to add to your portfolio for a long hold stock, the OTCQX is a great place to begin!



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