Global Demand for Organic Pesticides is on the Rise

Earlier this week, the agriculturally rich country of Morocco became the latest food exporter to ban harmful pesticides from being used on crops. Morocco pulled over 300 different pesticides from being used and is in search of healthier alternatives as the country looks to improve international health standards. The country has a history of needing to use harmful pesticides, and some will recall the 2021 German decision to ban some of Morocco’s exported vegetables due to high trace levels of pesticides and chemicals. The residue left on peppers at the time was more than 1,200% higher than the EU standards.

It’s becoming clear that the need for organic pesticides is as high as it has ever been. Agricultural technology is an industry that doesn’t get much attention from investors, but it is essential for the future of the global food supply. Stocks like Dow Chemical (NYSE:DOW) and Bayer Crop Science (OTC:BAYRY) are worth a look for globally known brand names. If you want to check out a smaller name that is making major moves in the US agricultural sector, check out Black Bird Biotech (OTC:BBBT).

Black Bird Biotech has an EPA-approved plant-based biopesticide that rids crops of spider mites and other unwanted pests. With the rising demand for these organic biopesticides, look for companies like Black Bird Biotech to thrive in the future.


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